Chris leads Durham tours. He and his wife, Sandy, are our first husband/ wife tour guide team! Chris is always entertaining and full of insight.

What is your occupation? Global Account Director.

Where are you from? Born and raised in New Jersey but have lived in the following metropolitan areas prior to moving to NC: New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, San Jose.

When did you move to North Carolina? 1999.

What do you love best about North Carolina? The weather is wonderful; not too cold in the winter, not to hot in the summer, and long spring and fall seasons. Plus great beaches, mountains, and fun cities to explore.

What do you love best about leading food tours? The people: I always meet interesting people and have fun hosting them on their culinary tour of the city. I also learn something new each time I take a group on a tour… something about the city’s history I didn’t know, or a restaurant I have not been to yet, or even a great new movie to see.

What are your favorite foods? (List three) I’m a meat eater, so I enjoy many forms of animal protein, but Bacon is probably at or near the top, along with barbecue. I also love most Italian food, Pasta being a favorite. As for sweets, I’d put Chocolate at the top.

What is your comfort food? When I’m not feeling well, I go for simple: chicken noodle soup or a grilled cheese sandwich.

What is your favorite drink? Every day I like ½ sweet tea (even after 15 years, I still can’t drink 100% sweet tea). On the alcohol side, I like both beer and wine, and my favorite cocktail is a gin & tonic (Tanqueray please).

What food/s won’t you eat/ try? I’ll try anything once, or twice.

Who is the one person you would love to cook with? Alton Brown. He seems like a cool person to cook with, but I’d also like to ride motorcycles with him (a fellow BMW bike owner).

What are your hobbies? Traveling, Skiing, Working out, Hiking, Motorcycling, Yoga, Tennis, Golf, Reading.

Favorite sandwich? An Italian sub or a French dip.

Favorite cookie? It’s not often I find a cookie I don’t like, but I’d have to pick the old Chocolate Chip as top of the list.

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