Elizabeth leads tours in Durham. She was a frequent customer on Taste Carolina tours prior to becoming a tour guide. Sometimes the best customers make the best guides. Her passion for downtown Durham is boundless!

What is your occupation? PhD candidate in Art History at Duke University.

Where are you from? The ‘gret stet of Loosiana’ (Louisiana).

When did you move to North Carolina? 2008.

eb1What do you love best about North Carolina? I love that Durham is so dog friendly, even if my dog isn’t.

What do you love best about leading food tours? I learn new things about my favorite Durham restaurants every single tour. And really, if I didn’t have this outlet for my enthusiasm for the local food scene, I might explode.

What are your favorite foods? (List three) It all depends on my mood, but I never say no to buttermilk pancakes, tacos, and chocolate. Mmmmm… chocolate.

What is your comfort food? Fried chicken and ice cream (not necessarily together).

What is your favorite drink? I’ve never really met a sour beer I didn’t like…

What food/s won’t you eat/ try? I will try anything twice and usually end up appreciating what I’m eating, even if I don’t love it. Cuttlefish defeated me. Twice. I actually turned green.

Who is the one person you would love to cook with? Alton Brown

Favorite restaurant? This is a bit like asking a parent to pick a favorite child… so I’ll go with an out-of-state-er: Roberto’s River Road Restaurant in Baton Rouge, La.

Favorite sandwich? An Italian, done right.

Favorite cookie? Pepernoten, a traditional Christmas treat in the Netherlands made with a rich and aromatic blend of spices. ??????????

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