With a background working in restaurants, and as an expert in brewing beer, Maddie is a natural when it comes to showing off places, people, and food and drink. She leads Chapel Hill and Carrboro tours currently, but look for her in Durham and Hillsborough soon!

What is your occupation? Freelance graphic designer.

Where are you from? Angier, North Carolina (a one stop light town).

When did you move to North Carolina? I’ve always been here.

FunPhotoWhat do you love best about North Carolina? The food culture, and the fact that we have mountains and the beach.

What do you love best about leading food tours? I love learning! There is so much to learn from the passionate business owners and tour-goers.

What are your favorite foods? (List three) Avocado, Eggs, and Dark Chocolate.

What is your comfort food? Toast with almond butter.

What is your favorite drink? Coffee!

What food/s won’t you eat/ try? Foie Gras. It’s so brutish.

Who is the one person you would love to cook with? Ellen. I just think she is so funny and I’d love to steal some of her vegan recipes.

What are your hobbies? Running, my dogs, finding new/cool coffee shops, traveling, climbing mountains and camping with my husband.

Favorite restaurant? I’m loving Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh. I also love Toast in Durham.

Favorite sandwich? Anything with sourdough bread, avocado, egg, and garden fresh tomato!

Favorite cookie? Oatmeal dark chocolate chip (my mom’s).

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